Mr. R.O Asenime


7th December 2001.
Mr. R.O. Asenime
P.O. Box 31,
Delta State.

Happy Birthday our dear principal


I assume that by the time this letter reaches you, it will very likely be after 28th December 2011.

On behalf of the Immaculate Conception College Old Boys’ Association, Port Harcourt Branch, I wish to congratulate you on the attainment of your 90th birthday on 28th December 2011.

If you do not remember me specifically, it is because I was an obedient student, as I did not give the principal any trouble!

On behalf of my fellow old boys, I thank you for the contributions you made towards what we have become today. We pray that Almighty God grants you continuing good quality life many more years to come.

Semper et ubique fidelis.


Gabriel Nedomien Osayande (Admin no. 2157, Class 5B, 1976 set).

President, ICCOBA Port Harcourt Branch.

News Flash:

Our fund raising for ICC Benin City, which started in April 2006 in New York City, reached a milestone in April 2007 during our Chicago general meeting. The house authorized the purchase of a power Generator for ICC Benin City when we held the general meeting in Atlanta.
The executive is proud to report to you that a 37.5 KVA generator was purchased for $5,224 and presented to ICC Benin City on February 13, 2008. A DVD coverage of the donation was viewed by members present at the General meeting in Detroit.

This accomplishment was made possible through your generous donations and cooperation to enhance the image of our alma mater. Efforts are currently being made to copy and distribute this DVD to all financial members. Your contribution was put into good use as reflected or demonstrated in the faces of the Princinpal, Alumni, staff and students of ICC Benin City during the presentation ceremony.

I would like to believe that this is just the beginning of other good projects we intent to execute for the benefit of ICC Benin. ICCOBA National President and USA Chapter President share the same vision ragarding the statement above.
I also believe that your optimistic views are no different especially after you get to view the DVD coverage.

We have planted a seed of success at ICC Benin and are looking to execute future projects, while we count on your financial support.
In light of this, I hope to reach out to everyone on ways to raise more funds for project execution at ICC.
This effort will take the form of mass email to members, personal phone calls and voluntary donations at the General meetings.

Our objective is to publicize our goals and objectives by reaching out to all our brothers that have assisted in the past and solicit new alumni to join our exciting, fun loving but result oriented fold.

Please share the news of our accomplishment and future plans with others not currently participating in our brotherly semi annual General meeting.

A big cheers to all former residents of St. Martin Deporess House, Immaculate Conception College House, St. Mulumba House and St. Kizito House. ICCOBA FOR EVER.

Membership Update:

Fellow Iccobites, please endeavour to update your personal information on the ICCOBA web site ASAP. Incomplete member’s information would be deleted as a part of our site clean up effort. For further information, you can contact the webmaster at: [email protected]

Thank You.

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