Our People Say



“It is not only the Cup that goes to the Pot. There comes a time
when the Pot has to go to the Cup.”

Cletus Obahor

“We leave red spittle in the mouth and spit out the white one!”
“We use sense to kill the rat in a water clay pot so as not to break the pot and kill the rat!”
“Parable is used to communicate with a native; it is only with a stranger that ‘direct-talk’ is used!”
Moral–No matter how blunt and straight-forward we are, there is a time for diplomacy!.

Peter E. Uwagie-Ero

Courage to speak out the truth, clearly and point-blank, without fear of and favor to nobody or any special interest is your nurtured human right, self-respect and the ultimate respect and service anyone can give to his/her alma mater, community, nation and the world-at-large. People, nurture courage and uphold Truth courageously to the last drop of your blood, whenever necessary, at least, for the sanctity and sanity of humanity. Tell the Truth As It Is, point-blank and before the eyes of all.

Osa H. Enabulele (Class of 1967)

It is not how long a man spends on top of his wife that makes her bear a male child.

Dave Wilkie (Class of 1979)

“If the owner of a vessel says his vessel is useless, then others will use the vessel for a dust pan”.
Please let us all put our good heads together and rebuild our alma mater, ICC.
Senior Prefect 1965-1967.
Master of Akenzua II Hall (1965-1967)
Founding Member ICCOBA USA

Stephen I. N. Ekunwe, Ph.D. (Class of 1965)

Our people say:

“If this hand draws water and washes the other hand, and the other hand
draws water and washes in reciprocation, both hands become clean!”
By working together, we shall excel. Therefore, let us ALL –please–get on
board the ICCOBA ship. This ship will go places!

Yours truly,

Peter E. Uwagie-Ero

“Never mock a fowl with ruffled feathers; it may have just won a fight”. Bravo, ICCOBITES are winners!!!

Samuel Osagie Aimufua (Class of 1976)

Our people say:

“One finger cannot remove a louse from the hair.” Unity is strength.
Therefore, let’s ALL put our shoulders to the wheel!

Peter E. Uwagie-Ero

Our people say ‘ Urine will only have a “head” when a man pees on a spot’
Our people also say ‘ Stay long in the latrine and green bottle flies will meet you’

Dr. Dan Selo-Ojeme

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